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Thermal-Hydraulic System Design & Simulation Software

Simulation has revolutionized the design and optimization of thermal-fluidic systems over the past decades by minimizing costly experimental testing and accelerating time-to-operation. FlowNetMaster® offers a fast, reliable and high-fidelity simulation environment. The program allows users to define a system, sub-system hierarchy thus removing clutter and making their models readable and easy-to-maintain. FlowNetMaster® offers a collaborative working hub for a team of engineers through distributed version control. This feature of FlowNetMaster® is entirely built with engineering teams in mind and aims at boosting productivity.

Technical Consultancy & R&D Services

Our company has engineering expertise to offer solutions for energy conversion systems, burning and propulsion. Our company still serves the public and private sector in such areas. Engineer, practitioner, decision maker, end user, student etc. We are ready to answer the short and long term support requests of people from different profiles in the most accurate and effective way. For this purpose, our team plans to respond to your requests within three working days via e-mail or phone. Apart from technical questions and consultancy requests, you will be answered within one week at the latest with the most appropriate and optimum solution suggestions for long-term and comprehensive R&D project partnerships.

Test and Measurement Services

Many systems that the industry or the end user need in their daily life interact with fluids at different flow rates, pressures and temperatures. These streams may not involve a reaction, but they may also contain chemical reactions such as combustion reactions. The flow can be single phase or biphasic, such as in a fuel injector. Melina Aero offers customer institutions and organizations testing, measurement and reporting services in accordance with the relevant standards on experimental fluid mechanics including cold and reactive flows. Our company is particularly specialized in devices and systems involving chemical energy conversion. We also provide test and measurement services in subjects such as the design, manufacture, assembly, and measurement of internal combustion and gas turbine engine test mechanisms. Tests may be dictated by a specific and well-defined standard, or there may be testing needs that must be designed and carried out by the company to meet the company's specific needs. Performing the test design with correct systematic approaches, determining the test conditions and the number of tests, determining the appropriate equipment for testing and selecting and positioning the sensors, minimizing measurement uncertainties and errors and determining their exact order, conducting the tests by us or supervising the test team, Within this framework, we provide services in informing and training, interpretation, analysis and documentation of results.