Test and Measurement Services

Test and Measurement

Many systems needed in everyday life that are used either by the industry or by the end user interact with flows at different flow rates, pressures and temperatures. These flows might not involve any chemical reactions or they might involve chemical reactions such as combustion. Flow might simply be single phase or it might be multi-phase as in the case of a fuel injector.


Melina Aero offers its customers test, measurement and reporting services for non-reacting or reacting flows in accordance with relevant standards. We are especially focused on systems that involve chemical energy conversion. We offer test rig design, manufacturing, assembly, instrumentation for internal combustion and gas turbine engines. Tests that we conduct can either be well dictated by a standard or can be customized according to the needs of the customer.


We assure that our customers receive the proper approach in terms of design of experiments, choice of equipment and sensors for the tests, choosing their optimal locations, increasing signal to noise ratio. We can manage tests or just advise our customers’ team, provide training for our customers, analyze results for our customers and documenting them.