Click on the titles to get more information about course contents. Please follow our news page for upcoming educations. Trainings can be arranged at your site to special groups upon request. Feel free to contact us for your special needs.

Fundamental Short Courses

1 Introduction to Computational Fluid Mechancs with OpenFOAM (CFD) 3 days
2 Advanced OpenFOAM Training (Combustion, Spray Modeling/Atomisation, Turbomachinery, Dynamic Mesh) 2 days
3 Introduction to Labview and Data Acquisition 1.5 days
4 Introduction to Aircraft Engines (Piston and Turbine Engines) 2 days

Educations For Industry

1 Sprays and Spray Characterization 2 days
2 Modeling and Design of Heat Exchangers 2.5 days
3 Combustion Modeling and Reactive Flow Simulations 3 days
4 Axial Compressor Design 2 days
5 Radial Compressor Design 2 days
6 Flow Characterization by Non-Intrusive Measurement Techniques 3 days
7 Combustor Design 3 days